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We are more than just
designers and project managers

We are innovators who shape the future of healthcare planning and construction by creating environments centred around healing and improving lives.

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Shaping better healthcare for our patients and their families means
putting their needs at the centre of all our design work.

General Hospitals

With experience in healthcare facility development, HDP provides unparalleled project management services in the region. We work closely with our clients, clinicians, designers and contractors to ensure our facilities are safe, fit for purpose and financially sustainable.

Laboratories and Blood Banks

HDP approaches strategic healthcare planning through evidence-based studies, medical needs assessments and various feasibility studies. Our team of multidisciplinary clinical and technical advisory professionals build on this to support our clients in defining the long-term needs of patients and developing solutions fit for the future.

Healthcare facility design demands the seamless integration

Healthcare facility design demands the integration of health and master planning from clinical professionals, architects, and engineers. From formulating the needs statement, assembly of a multidisciplinary team, preparation and execution of master planning, to the design of built facilities, HDP delivers end-to-end services at world-class standards.

HDP has the experience, market knowledge

Our team of specialist clinical interior designers has a thorough understanding of the unique needs of healthcare environments and their space requirements. From clinics, laboratories, and specialist healthcare wards to complete hospitals, HDP has the experience, local market knowledge and advanced tools to develop and execute a holistic interior design process fit for a healthcare facility’s style and brand.

HDP has planned, designed, and execute

HDP has planned, designed and executed some of the most complex healthcare systems in the region, ensuring maximum comfort and optimising projects for the longevity of asset life and return on investment. Our team has built efficient building systems required for daily operations, such as heating and ventilation, and specialist systems, like humidity and infection control and gas distribution.

HDP has planned, designed, and execute

Medical equipment planning demands expertise on design standards, precise installation measures, and the environmental conditions needed to ensure smooth operations, 24-hours a day. HDP has more than 30 years of experience in the field and access to the latest technology to optimise healthcare operations.

HDP has planned, designed, and execute

Keeping healthcare facilities resilient and future-proofed requires flexibility, foresight and a wealth of data to build adaptable buildings that are fit for tomorrow’s world. Using smart systems and ICT, our team of experienced architects, engineers and clinical professionals design and plan reliable and resilient infrastructure that can support technologically advanced procedures and equipment.

HDP has planned, designed, and execute

Healthcare facilities require reliable and resilient engineering systems, such as infrastructure and organisational practices, to ensure the safety of patients and to support the long-term lifespan of built-up assets. HDP develops a strategic approach using new technologies and strategies to promote sustainability and implements best practices in line with the planned funding.


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We are more than just designers and project managers

Our Clients

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