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Faizal Patel


Faizal’s career in architecture spans various sectors, and he has gained extensive experience working with different architectural styles. As a chartered member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), Faizal began his career in London, working on intricate projects for both small and large firms. He has since moved to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where he has specialized in healthcare architecture. In his role as a principal at HDP Overseas Ltd., Faizal has been instrumental in delivering successful projects and driving the company’s growth.

Faizal exudes confidence and self-motivation, possessing a clear drive to succeed as a designer and project coordinator. With over a decade of cultivated experience and developing exceptional analytical skills, he has enabled himself to tackle complex technical design issues with ease and streamline project processes to aid clients into a successful outcome. In addition, Faizal is a proficient communicator who is adept at expressing his ideas effectively, even in high-pressure situations.

As an individual who constantly seeks growth and development, Faizal is always on the lookout for opportunities to enhance his knowledge and skills. He thrives in creative environments where he can unleash his talents to the fullest and is well-known for his exceptional attention to detail. Faizal continually challenges himself creatively, driven by his passion for design.

In conclusion, Faizal is a highly skilled and driven professional with a passion for design and a track record of success. His analytical skills, effective communication abilities, and commitment to continuous improvement make him a valuable asset to any team.